Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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Descífrenlo aunque no sepan español


Friday, July 22, 2005

Post Robocup Shenanigans

At the request of many, I`ve decided to post a quick update on our current where abouts. As many of you know we have been spending the past week in Osaka touring the area, shopping around, eating some great food, and enjoying the Japanese culture.

A few places we checked out were the cities Kyoto, Nara, the area of Himije Castle, the really really small town of Iga Ueno, and Kobe. Over the last few days we have gotten a chance to see 2-3 castles, 2-3 temples, and a few shrines and gardens. All in all our trip to Japan has been jam packed with sight seeing, souvenir buying, more walking then my 5 years at Cornell, train riding, and eating...lots and lots of eating.

For our last day, everyone went there seperate ways to accomplish any last minute things they wanted to do. We plan to meet up at Osaka Castle to watch the sunset over the the land of the rising sun one last time. Although I can`t speak for everyone, I think our time at Japan has been both memorial and enjoyable. As I type away this last post in a Japanese Internet cafe with the day slowly coming to a close, I can`t help but become a little sad that my time with Robocup will soon be over in a a few short hours and that I`ll have to say goodbye to many on the team.

My respect and friendship goes out to every memeber of the 2005 cornell robocup team. For 10 monthes we worked together to create something we could be proud of. I like to think that we not only met that goal, but surpassed it. Thanks again to everyone on the team and everyone one back home rooting for us. I wish you all the best and good luck.

Oh yeah, if your ever in the twin cities area of MN, look me up.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finals Results

After a very rough game, the FU Fighters beat us 4-0. Their speed and agility completely shut down the offense that was so effective yesterday. On defense, they scored one goal when they caught us out of position. The rest were scored because their chip kick was accurate and repeatable, and we were largely defenseless against it. And so, we proudly accept second place at the 2005 RoboCup competition.

It is fitting that our rivalry with the FU Fighters was played out one last time, and for the first time with the FU Fighters coming out on top, in the last year either team will compete.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Without further delay, here are movies of our recent games.

Scrimage against the cubes, part 1 and part 2.

Goal (short clip) during our game against B-Smart.

Much of the semi-final game against the Field Rangers here and here.

Picture of Steve pregaming bots.

The Finals bracket.

Picture of Big Red and Field Rangers after the game.

Big Red to the Finals!

Today's games were amazing. Simply amazing. As the videos we'll post soon will show, the CS guys did an incredible job last night and pulled everything together. Both of today's games had beautiful passes and one-timers (what we call a pass that is instantly kicked at the goal). There were only a few bugs in the AI and no big mechanical or electrical problems during the game.

Our first game against B-Smart started off a little slow, then we got a run and ended the game 9-0. The game against the Field Rangers was a solid game, and very close. They got a very early goal, but we tied it up shortly after. We tied up the game again at 2-2, then near the end managed to pull ahead 3-2, where the game ended. There was some issue about a penalty on us that was just before a goal, and overall, drama ensued, but the issue was settled without much debate. It was great to see, just after the game, both teams sat down and spontaneously started discussing and examining each other's systems. Unfortunately I can't upload any of our pictures of the moment, but it was a bit moving to see the students jump to learn and discuss while their team lead continued to debate the outcome.

Overall, we're thrilled with where we are. Win or lose tomorrow, we will be happy and proud of the system we have built.

Holy Crap Big Red is going to the World Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 15, 2005

End of the Round Robins

So, today's game wasn't great. We tied, 0-0. We did, however, maintain our first place seat. We'll play B-Smart tomorrow. The Field Rangers beat out the FU Fighters for the number one seat on their field, and they're who we will likely play in the semi-finals. We can't play the FU Fighters until the finals.

The rest of the brackets are posted on that site I linked earlier. The columns designate the two fields, and the winner of each of the two listed quarter finals per column will play in the semi finals for that field. Sunday will be the the finals and the 3rd place game.

We just played a scrimage against The Vienna Cubes, however, and our system was performing much better, which we are obviously glad to see. We're getting ready to move over to a different field for the quarter and semi finals tomorrow, so I've got to get back to work.

much drama

There was a big drama today when Plasma-Z turned out to have an illegal dribbler... a deal was cut where the FU fighters overlooked it in exchange for a longer timeout, but then at the end there was a strange situation where the FU hub died, and PlasmaZ had 45 seconds to score two goals, but failed. They attempted to invoke the "remove dead bots" rule but in was inoperative since the hub was dead, not the bots... anyway it was intense, and good old Raff happened to be the official for it.
Then it turns out Field Rangers also had an illegal dribbler. For Shame!!!!
Anyway Osaka is pretty cool. I thought I was in Newark, Japan until we went to Shinbaishi... wow. just like the stereotypes. I think the whole place is just like BladeRunner, but I need to see it again to be sure. The people are very friendly and polite. Chris/Jeff, the Steves and I met a young waitress yesterday who had been in NYC for a couple years, that was great. There were also a ton of super made-up doll-girls... just like the stereotypes.
The teams that didn't make playoffs are gone now, plenty of space.
We play Bremen, Germany's B-Smart in the quarterfinals, and then hopefully the newly legal FieldRangers.

Our Robots in Action

It’s been 4 days so far and it’s hard to believe that we still haven’t posted any footage of our own robots! Due to popular demand, we present to you the 2005 Cornell Robocup robots, up close and personal:

Fear our Game face!

Under the hood

From the back

From the side

We also recorded some footage of our robots when we went up against the Vienna Cubes. Our robots are the ones with the yellow dot in the center (the yellow team) and and covered sides.

Due to some technical and coding problems, the Vienna Cubes were forced to use their robots from last year. It was a shame considering their robots this year were incredibly fast and powerful. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get them working for their last game.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Round robins so far

Today has been a rather strange day. On the upside, we won both our games, securing ourselves first place seating from our field to the finals. However, both games were rather bad on our part. The Cubes had some control issues that forced them to revert to last year's robots, which were slower, but at least under control. All the same, they weren't able to put up too much of a game. We won 2-0.

The next game against omni was won 3-0, but also wasn't very good on our part. There's a bit of strangeness in when the robots make kicks and other actions that are uncontrolled, or just make no sense. So, we've secured an easy day for tomorrow, since we can loose, but the CS guys have a lot of work to do.

In an incredible upset, the Field Rangers just beat the Fu Fighters, last year's champions, 4-0 in a rather one sided match. They appear to be plauged by control issues, hampering their performance. The Field Rangers did put up a solid performance on their own, making them a serious contender this year.

We're getting kicked out now, they just turned out the lights, so I'm off for now. For other standings in the small size league, see here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thoughts about the competition

Well, we just finished day 1 of the round robins, and it was pretty interesting watching the games. Since everyone played at least once today, we got to see all the major teams. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any good games. They're all either 10-0 like ours or the robots generally don't do much. My best guess is that there won't be one until the finals, except maybe Fu Fighters vs Rangers.

As for the good looking teams, there are all the usual suspects, us, the Fu Fighters, and Lucky Star. Suprisingly, during their game today, the Fu Fighters ran into some serious issues that took their entire time out and a bit more to fix. It appears they still have a bit of development to do, but they're almost certainly good enough to make the finals. The Rangers look like they may put up a good game. Buffalo isn't bad, but they've had some goalie issues that means they get scored on a lot. They put up a good fight against Lucky Star, though, even though they lost 8-0.

The Cubes are in our division, and our primary competitors. They're quite fast, although I don't think it's 4m/s. Their kick is pretty insane, though. Apparently, they can push it up to 15m/s, but it bends the titanium shaft they use on the plunger. So, they usually tone it down, but it's still faster than ours. We face them tomorrow, and should be a very good test of our system.

In fact, several teams have both faster robots, and/or faster kicks, but we'll have to see if they can use it effectively, and if our strategy can help overcome the deficiency as it has in the past.

By the way, the mexican team still had 3D printed robots, but nothing shattered. Apparently it's stronger stuff than last year, but we didn't test it that much either.

Big Red's First Victory!

So today we played our first game, and ended up with our first win! We played a team from Mexico, the Eagle Knights. It was not much of a win, however. The other team had a lot of problems with their system, and had to pull four of their robots during the match. It was definitely not a fair game, but it did give us a chance to run our system, find some bugs, and work on our pregame preparation.

There are many other things going on here, other than just RoboCup. There are a number of robotics companies and universities that have booths set up here to show off products and technologies. If we can we will put up some pictures of them.

Here are some more pictures and a 360 of the venue!

Our small size league - lots of little robots.

Da 'bots.

A bunch of us hard at work...

Over in CS land.

One of the humanoid league robots. Here is a video of one of them walking.

This is one of the junior leagues. They also have junior RoboCup, with some very impressive robots.

And we can't miss the four-legged league.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 2

Howdy Everyone!

Welcome to the recap of our second day in Japan. As mentioned in a previous entry, day 2 was a setup day and consisted of mostly A.I. testing and strategy planning. For the most part, the day went over pretty well with no major mechanical or electrical (Woo-Hoo!) problems.

With each passing hour the A.I. seems to get better and better, and we are all looking forward to a good game on day 3. Each subgroup is doing a tremendous job working together and keeping the robots running. Although competition looks tough this year, we are eager to see how we hold up against the challenge.

In addition, a few team members took a short walk to the Osaka world trade center and shopping area. The stores were unlike anything we had ever seen before and they were only outdone by the unusual architecture and gigantic size of the complex. We’ll be sure to post the pictures we took once we can get them off the camera.


A banner in the airport lobby. It's two stories tall. We wish we could put this in our lab...

We had so much stuff with us, that we had to put it in a movie, because it wouldn't fit it in one picture. We moved all this stuff with 14 people, as above.

This is what our rooms look like. It's a good thing they had extra rooms, or we'd have 4 people in rooms like this. Like I said, a shoebox.

A scrimage with our bots against the rest of our bots. More below.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 1

Well, we're here at Intex in Osaka Japan, and we're rapping up day one.

We had some adventures getting here, especially moving all our luggage, 8 moving boxes, and another 6 cases full of robots and computers on the train. We tested Mike's reflexes when a door opened on the other side of the train unexpectedly... and things started falling out. But, after a bit of work, we got to our hotel without any major incident. We then discovered just how much a Japanese hotel room has in common with a shoebox.

Today is the first of two setup days, and things are going pretty well. Our pit area is rather small, but we've fixed that by comandeering isle space next to our table. We lost a computer to the trip, but otherwise our gear came through ok, and the backup computer is working fine. We've seen the first few scrimage games today, which were interesting, but unconclusive with so much time before the games actually count. We played a game against ourselves, which was ok, but not great. Some new bugs turned up, which rather ruined the game, but which won't actually be a problem.

Things are starting to shape up, but there's a long time to go, so we'll see how it shapes up.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


hey guys!

Ithaca is missing you.... good luck!

quien gano?

would you bring a Big red champion T-shirt for me???

good luck!!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005


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